New to Ionic. How do I close and reopen my project?

I’m new to Ionic, so how do I close and save my project? and how can I open back the project?

I’m also trying to build an indoor navigation system mobile app that can locate user indoor location and navigate them to nearest amenities without using beacons.

I’m really struggling on how to locate user location indoor and which floor, any idea on solving this? Plus, do share your opinion on achieving this app and suggest any open source API. Thank you

If you’re talking about closing the ionic serve server, trying pressing Ctrl + C in the terminal window.

basically closing the project which is not yet finish and how do I open it back ?

If you’re new to Ionic, it’s a much better idea to start with Ionic 3, not Ionic 1.

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Can you please explain what you mean by “open” and “close” as if you were talking to somebody who had never heard either of those words before?

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