New to Ionic, any advice for authentication with a rest back-end? (Solved)


I just started playing with Ionic today, i know the basics of Angular 2/4.
It seems like the routing aspect is quite different, and i have a hard time figuring out how to make guards to check if the user is logged in, and if not redirect him to a login page?
I checked a few tutorials but it was for older versions, i don’t want to learn deprecated stuff.
Is there any up-to-date tutorial about authentication? I already have a Laravel back-end with login, signup etc.

Thank you!

Edit : any advice for a beginner in general will also be appreciated

I may have found my solution :
But i still don’t know how to do resolves to wait until the user have the data before loading the screen.

Here’s one option.

I ended up using, but it’s interesting anyway. Thanks.