New Project fail


Recently for some errors that show me in project I decide star a new project from scratch,

After creating the project with ionic start myApp tabs --type = angular (I have created it in two diferents computers and the same thing happens to me)
I get a message that there is a high severity vulnerability, I execute the command suggested by npm audit fix, but it does not fix it and says to do it manually, the problem is with some webpack-dev-server. Should I worry? How do I fix it?

The second question is: When I get these Warnings, when I’m installing a native Api, what should I do? It says that it requires certain libraries. Should I install them? How do I install them?

Thanks for advance


$ ionic info

in your project root and post that.
this looks like your angular cli may be out of date

just checking that it is not a typo, the cli should be

$ ionic start myApp tabs --type=angular

with no spaces, not

$ ionic start myApp tabs --type = angular