New plugins in ionic-native

Hello Ionic people !

When will be the sim plugin included in ionic-native ?

Using ‘the old fashion style’, I didn’t manage to use the mentioned plugin. By saying ‘old fashion style’, I mean ‘window.plugins.sim.getSimInfo( successCallBack, errorCallBack )’ , but I get an error that property plugins isn’t defined on window object.

Is it possible to include the sim plugin into ionic-native by myself?

It should be pretty easy to add to ionic-native if you’re up for a pull-request.

There’s some guides on how make a wrapper…

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I followed this guide while setting up wrapper for backgroundmode plugin.
There is one problem that I can’t seem to fix. When I run the plugin in android it I get error saying plugin not installed. Do you think I m getting this error because I m missing something.


Did you try to run cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-background-mode ?
This command will add the background-mode plugin library into plugins folder and also it will insert in package.json file, under cordovaPlugins, the name of the plugin

I installed gulp but when i execute gulp plugin:create it returns an error:
Task ‘plugin:create’ is not in your gulpfile.
How can i work it out?