New PhoneGap Developer App - a MUST have


Finally something to replace god awful Ripple. It doesn’t mention this explicitly anywhere (at least I can’t find it) but did anyone see/know if this will support non-official plugins or at least fail gracefully?


Wow, that looks very nice. Mobile dev is getting more and more fun.


How does it work with Cordova plugins?


from what i read, i think there is going to be a challenge using it with third party plugins, that is why my excitement is limited at this point


Yup, after some tinkering this does not work with third-party plugins. Bummer summer 2014.


To be honest, without plugin support this isn’t really impressive or useful


Come on guys, don’t be that negative :smile:

As they mentioned, they made a very early release to make us try. For plugins it seems that it is in the plan, we just have to be a little bit patient


Can we use it with ionic ?


yes and works very well


How did you test Ionic with Phonegap Developer App? :slight_smile:


For anyone that stumbled across this but didn’t find an answer on how to run it, it’s simple once you realize how to do it. Just run ionic serve and then point your phonegap developer app to IP.ADDR.OF.SERVER:PORT


I find it in ionic serve,when i every saved change can not automatically update,only open the phonegap developer appwill update, then i use phonegap serve all right.


Hi all, thanks for the info. Been using the PhoneGap Dev App successfully with “ionic serve”, but just wondering if anyone has managed stop the ios status bar from overlapping the screen?

$cordovaStatusbar.hide(); doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Also, the 3 and 4 finger taps don’t seem to register so currently have to re-launch the dev app on my iphone each time I make a change which isn’t ideal. Anyone run into similar issues or no of a way around it?


Navbar under status bar
Phonegap build


Seems not to work for me. I run ionic serve from my project and I point the Phonegap Developer App to my server IP with the port, but I get a Timeout error.

Anyone has this too?


Does it work in the browser when you use ionic serve?
If it is, but just not working from your phone, make sure you’re on the same wifi network.
Also, if you have relevant permissions, check that there are no firewall or router rules in place that may be stopping it.


Please ensure that under the same route


Create folder .cordova in the app root and run command: phonegap serve


Hi guys,

After few works, I know how to make it run.

  1. use cmd to create folder .cordova in root folder of your project.

  2. use ionic cli and type command ionic run ios -l.

  3. choose option 1 to run through wireless Network Connection

  4. Type the address from the line without http://: “running dev server” (192.168.xx.xx:xxxx)

Done. Enjoy!


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I’d be interested in a fix of the overlapping issue as well.