New ionic project by default use android platform


I am new on ionic platfrom, i was starting work on the v–1, but some time ago now i am not able to create blank application. Because when i start by default new application add android platfrom, Now i am not able to understand what should i do, Even i don’t have any idea how would i find the error. Please revert me as soon as possible. Here i add some information about my ionic version

@ionic/cli- utlis : 1.2.0
Ionic CLI : 3.2.0


ionic cordova remove android removes the Android platform.


Means i use the
$ionic cordova remove

but its not working, when i used this i got that

The plugin @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova is not installed.


ionic info output please.



And inside the project folder?



Your project is using Ionic, not Ionic v1 - I corrected the topic category.

This looks good. What is the problem now?


when i started a new project by default it created in “add android platfrom”.
i want to create a simple web application, without add platfrom basically i want the project structure in this manner.


Then just ignore it. You don’t have to use anything from it.


but i want this structure how will i get this structure ?


What does that mean? If you want some files and folders, create them any way you want. Place to do that would be the /src folder.