New content in starter App



I’m doing my best to move from drag and drop visual editors - and ionic could well be the one for me. I’m actually enjoying hand coding pages… amazing

The thing is, the starter app template - with the sidebars - is foxing me.

And if there is a step by step guide to the starter app - I’m sorry I’ve missed it / can’t find it.


Whats the procedure for adding content to the “friends” tab pages? and adding new tabs to this menu

I’ve probably missed something stunningly obvious… but hey. I’m a photo shop jockey after all

Thank you for your patience, its appreciated


Hey there! So to add new content to the friends view, you would want to look in the service.js file


Thanks - Thats opened my eyes a little bit more.

Where would I actually add content to each of these tabs?

again - thanks for your patience



To add content you would add a new key and value to the json.

so you would have

{ id: 0, name: 'Scruff McGruff', detail: 'This is some filler text' },

I’d suggest learning a bit more about angular and json before moving on with ionic though, as it can be a bit of a steep learning curve with out that base knowledge