New Angular2 Router support in Ionic

Thank you for your hard and superb work.
Is there any documentation on how to use this yet? It will be very useful.

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I noticed some documentation on I tried to implement it, but it’s not apparent how to get it to work. Is this the correct documentation? Any examples available?


Hi @mhartington,

What about lazy-loading? Is DeepLinker related to lazy-loading? The rc0 upgrading guide refer the angular ngModule page which also mentioned lazy loading. Do it means we can use angular router + lazy loading in ionic rc0? Can you guys provide a simple lazy loadnigrouter example/plunker ? We have a hard time to use lazy loading in rc0. Lazy loading is essential for our app, our app has 50+ pages.

Thanks a lot.


We too, we hope they release something as soon as possible. But they will clearly not support angular router

Is there going to be support for lazy loading in ionic 2? I’m starting a project at work and I can’t do it without the lazy loading. The bundle.js file will be gigantic. Is it something you are developing or is it not coming at all? Would be nice to have a straight answer.


Hey all,

After a bit of digging, I have routing working with data. It’s currently using hash location strategy, but I assume that would be straight forward to switch to path location strategy:

Not sure about the lazy loading at the moment.



Hi all,

Any update here on routing and documentation / tutorials? My app heavily relies on networking and routing which is in ionic 1. I really need to get a win and update here so that I can migrate. I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to work with deprecated libraries for some bits to find that I can’t even move yet to Ionic 2.

Love the platform, looking forward to moving to Ionic 2!


I’ll just leave this here…


Awesome Thanks Mike!


Great work from ionic team, we are hoping and waiting for a blog or a video :slight_smile:
Did you already implement DeepLinker, does it do anything you need?

Would be great to see one of the sample apps updated to use DeepLinker. Running into some issues with my tabbed app, where I don’t have explicit calls to this.nav.push() to integrate with DeepLinker.

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Yeah it would be nice have a DeepLinker example App, or a blog about it.

We opened a another new thread with an example, hoping that someone from the team can help us on PWA, deeplinker and so on! :expressionless:

Hi @morrisonbrett, @dooreelkow, @itlr

are you able to integrate normal @angular/router in ionic2?
Can you share more code or an example on how to do this?

We need urgently help!

Hey @mburger81,

just in case you’re not monitoring the other thread;

Good luck!


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I’m not trying to do that. I’m going with DeepLinker, which I filed a bug on last week.

How can we make the URLs not contain the ‘#’ sign?


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I think I should set this post by resolved
ionic would never support angulars router and it is probably not a good solution dealing with angulars router in an ionic app. Ionic4 would be web components and so by default lazy loaded and we hope they would do a progress on router also.

There are good news,

In Ionic4 we can probably using Angular’s router, and also Ionic’s router which now is on top of angulars router. So we can to the router mapping like we do it in angular having al components lazy loaded and we can use if we like ionics push pop system to have a native app navigation feeling!