Network.getStatus gives incorrect value

For some reason, if I reload a page that is already offline in Google Chrome, the Network.getStatus() is telling me it is online. It will actually fire the connected status change 3 times to online, offline and back online. When I move it back online, it is still online and no event is fired.

If I load the page online, then change the status to offline, it update properly

Any though on this? Thanks

Here is the code for the service:

public storage: Storage,
private httpClient: HttpClient,
private sharedService: SharedService,
private loadingController: LoadingController) {

if (this.handler === undefined) {
  this.handler = Network.addListener('networkStatusChange', (status) => {
    console.log('Network status changed! ', status);
    const oldStatus = this.status;
    this.status = status;
    if (this.status !== null && this.status.connected && !oldStatus.connected && oldStatus !== null) {
    this.status = status;
    if (!this.status.connected) {
      this.sharedService.showNotification('Network connection has terminated.', 'danger', 5000);
    } else {
      try {
      } catch (error) {


public async getStatus() {
this.status = await Network.getStatus();