Nested View > Keyboard and Content Height Issue

For some reason, for my nested view (image attached) gets very low height on keyboard open (while i have a number of inputs there)
I tracked down the issue in the ionic.bundle.js
Whenever “scrollChildIntoView” is fired, it goes to line 7373 (v.1.2.4) here
`scrollViewOffsetHeight = Math.max(0, Math.min(self.__originalContainerHeight, self.__originalContainerHeight - (e.detail.keyboardHeight - 43)));//keyboardOffset >= 0 ? scrollViewOffsetHeight - keyboardOffset : scrollViewOffsetHeight + keyboardOffset;

and it gets height 83px somehow :confused:

Hacked by setting the min-height (!important) of the scroll-content under the ion-view of the page. But I don’t like these kind of hacks :stuck_out_tongue:

Please help! `