Neither Ionic nor cordova appear to work anymore


Windows 10 Home.

I used cordova and created some test apps and everything was fine. I installed ionic and did a test app and everything was fine. Came back to ionic after I had downloaded a couple of other frameworks(Intels ITK and Mobile Angular UI) and now neither ionic or cordova work anymore.

I can’t figure out how to delete them either. They don’t show up in Programs and Features. Cordova and ionic are in my Users…etc directory so I know they should work. Can anyone help me?


UPDATE: Ok I got cordova back to working by updating the PATH statement. I did the same for ionic but it is still not working. When I tried to create a new app with ionic here’s the message:

C:\A Sandbox>ionic start conference sidemenu
’ionic’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


Can anyone help? :frowning: Well is this 25 characters?


It depends how you installed in the first place, which I’m not sure you mentioned. Let’s assume you used Node and npm. Ensure you have the most recent stable version of Node. Delete your npm node-modules folder, run npm cache clean, reinstall npm, then reinstall (in this order) cordova then ionic. That should work unless something weird is happening.


Hey thanks for replying! I’ll try that. stay tuned!


Thanks Aaron, for taking the time and trouble to help me get started! Everything works as it should now thanks to you.