Need tutorial for adding Auth to Creator (existing auth videos disappeared)

Ionic Auth functionality is deprecated and the tutorial videos disappeared. So now I’m using Creator and not finding documentation for wiring up auth into my existing projects. I’m trying to use the functionality of Creator for the UI design capabilities but for wiring in auth and other provider/services functionality it is easier just using Visual Studio Code plus Ionic / Angular / Cordoba CLI tools.

There is a great tutorial here with a walkthrough integrating AngularFire Authentication with Ionic 3 /Angular 4+ which I have working locally in the browser and on one of the mobile platforms.

What would be really helpful is the steps to integrate this type of auth into a Creator project. What’s complicating things is the multiple versions of Ionic / Angular / AngularFire. I could create a 3.x project in Creator, build out the UI, export it and then wire up auth using my local working project as a guide but then I’m not able to iterate on the design in Creator.

Have you tried Google Cache or

You are aware that Auth is not only deprecated but will definitely go away in the next few months?

Yes that’s my point, with Auth deprecated and going away it would be useful to have some documentation of how to get authentication wired up to some alternative; I’m suggesting Firebase.

Ah, now I get it. No experience with Creator myself, as most users here. The Creator team is also not active here, so you might want to look for other ways to suggest that to them.

I just found this and will be trying it tonight, others having posted saying it worked well

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Thanks for the link! I am realizing that I don’t have access to custom code on my 3.x projects so I will need to download them and use the CLI anyways, but this should be useful for when they open up custom code on the 3.x projects. For now I will work through it a 1.x project.