Need to save the call history

i have created an app. its have a button to call some number(dynamic number from) .Im using “href tel”, My problem is that i need to save all the history of call list where i dialed from my app only
is this possible?

Yes, but it depends on how you want to save it. If you want the data to persist even after closing your app and rebooting your phone, a local database is the way to go.

$cordovaSQLite might be what you are looking for.

saving part is ok but my problem is i need to save the call list(number and call duration) that dialed from my app only

Sure. Then save the number and call duration to a database (like $cordovaSQLite) every time a user taps on your call-button.

You can Ionic Strage.

My problem is i cant find any way to get the call details-number and duration (only from my app)
any plugin?

The number of the call should be available to you since your app is the one starting the call.
I am unsure about how to get the duration of the call of the call though. Try google it and see if there is any solution out there.