Need tips for: How to write better app?

Hi everyone,

I am returning back to write app with ionic for commercial proposes. I would like to get yours suggestion and tips to make better app, effective, secure enough, easy to maintenance, and whatever suggested, about implementing settings and storing web services URLs, all are welcome.


You could browse the Ionic forum and search for popular blog posts on particular topics.

You could also take a look at the code scaffolding created by application generator’s like:

And, sample Ionic projects like:

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Good plans to have:

  • Build a ‘single page application’ which dynamically loads other parts, pages as components. It can enhance user experience because users won’t have to load many pages while navigating.
  • Make your code as simple as possible
  • Use 100% CSS3 for UI… CSS3 alone can build amazing, light-weight, responsive UI. SVG can be added too.
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@jamesharvey thanks for your guide, I know a little about SPA’s but not so much, Specially in Mobile applications I don’t know at all.

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@robinyo, Thanks for your reply and links i started to test this apps and read them. I believe I will get learned much from them.

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No problem.

In Angular 5, you can create components and dynamically load them.

and check this tutorial on CSS3 UI design. The only thing you need to build the best UI is CSS3… a little addition of SVG will help too.

Full CSS3 capability is the best part of hybrid app development. Other frameworks which use different codes will not come close to this and may make you want to use photoshop UI.

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