Need testers for cordova-plugin-facebook4 PR

If you have implemented a Facebook login, you may have noticed a warning from Facebook since a couple of days in your developer console, telling you that they would like you to update your Facebook SDK for iOS 11

To complete this task, I have submitted a PR to the cordova-plugin-facebook4 plugin.

Honestly, I’m absolutely no expert of writing Cordova plugins or Objective-C, but someone had to do it.

Therefore this is my call for testers, I would really appreciate if some of you guys would be agree to test this PR in your different apps on different iPhone and iPad in order to secure the quality of this update and in order to be sure that there isn’t any regression.

Thx in advance for your help :thumbsup:

Up / anyone in to help to test?!?!

Thx @booleanbetrayal for the test :slight_smile:

PR is now merged, didn’t published it yet