Need suggestion to create business logic app on ionic v2 @alpha

hey guys is it good to create a business logic app with ionic v2 and angular 2
does these have drawbacks ? i am not familiar with angular 2 but i think it used typescript
and angular 2 is in beta not released yet . so i am having confusion if i choose angular 2. i could not take step back

need your help to choose between ionic v1 with angular1 or ionic v2 with angular2

if you want to release the app in next months use ionic 1 and angular 1. Angular 2 is in Beta and the documentation is not even in alpha, because many parts are missing and still changing. Aaand because of that… ionic 2 is build on an unstable unfinished angular 2.

But you can consider some guidelines to be able to upgrade your app easily to ionic 2/angular 2.

With AngularJS 1.5 there will be Components --> Like angular 2 components and with angular 1.4 you can use the unfinished new routing service of angular 2 --> newComponentRouter :wink:

@bengtler : thanks for the suggestion :grinning: