Need restart twice after reinstall for href state links to work?

I’m having an issue where I need to restart my app twice after a fresh install before my state change click events are firing. It seems to be isolated to “href=”#/app/mystate" links in my templates.

Strangely if I restart the app twice, it works perfectly opening the third time.

It behaves identically on iOS and Android.

Any thoughts?

i think using href attribute is the wrong way to navigate in angular/ionic apps.

or the ui-router one

I use ng-click to handle navigation in my controller ($location.path()).

Maybe the webviews are caching ordinary link?

But i never had problems with the three described ways i prefer.

Ok, the href attribute was how ionic sets up the default side menu seed project. I do have other other code in my app where I’m using ng-click. To your point they don’t have the same problems.

Ok I updated to the newest version of ionic and changed my href links to ng-href. Seems to work now. Thanks Frank.