Need help with ng2-translate in RC0


No, I haven’t. I’ve only tested it in Chrome. It looks more like a generic problem to me.


Same here :frowning: did you manage to found something?


Mmmmh I’ve the feeling that that issue could only be solved by a fix in the library aka that issue:


The great @ocombe released a new version of ng2-translate (3.0.0) which is now compatible with AoT!

I tried, I’m now able to build my app (ionic build android), works fine.

However at runtime on my device I didn’t see the translations.
Could someone else give a try and give me a feedback.

That might be a problem of my project I’m guessing.

P.S.: I replace ‘ng2-translate/src/translate.service’ back with ‘ng2-translate/ng2-translate’, that works now too it seems.

P.P.S.: with “ionic serve” I still find the translations, my problem is only at runtime on a device not in debug


Hello @reedrichards,

Could you please show how you are importing and initializing ng2-translate 3.0?
I am not able to get “ionic build android” working.

Thanks a lot.




import {TranslateModule, TranslateLoader, TranslateStaticLoader} from 'ng2-translate/ng2-translate';


export function exportTranslateStaticLoader(http: Http) {
    return new TranslateStaticLoader(http, 'assets/i18n', '.json');

    declarations: [

imports: [

            provide: TranslateLoader,
            useFactory: exportTranslateStaticLoader,
            deps: [Http]



Thank you!
It’s now compiling. In fact it was not accepting the following line:
useFactory: (http: Http) => new TranslateStaticLoader(http, ‘/assets/i18n’, ‘.json’),

but replacing it with a reference to an exported function, like you did, is working.


Cool, good to hear.

And could I ask you if it works when you debug on a device?

For me it’s compiling and building but still can’t manage to load the translations while running the app on my android device…


I am gonna try, asap I complete the test I let you know


Unfortunately, I have the same issue .
I can see the translation with ionic serve but I can’t when I debug on device.



thx for the feedback. so that means that (probably)

  1. The implementation I posted here is still not good and has to be modified


  1. There is still something to fix somewhere else


I just noticed one thing.


  • ionic run android I can’t see the translation on device

but running:

  • ionic run android -l I see the translation



ionic serve => ok
ionic run android -l => ok

ionic run android => ko
running on real device (at least with crosswalk) => ko

I added some alert in my first view. Seems that translateService is not null.
When I ask translateService for the current lang the service gave me back the right answer.

But when I asks ‘this.translateService.instant(‘KEY’)’ I’ve got ‘KEY’ as answer and when I try to find with ‘this.translateService.get(‘KEY’).subscribe((something:any) => alert(something));’ I never get anything back

P.S.: with “ko” I mean no translation found

P.P.S.: To be sure I implemented using the same approach a translation example in the ionic2 RC starter app and face the same results


Hi, i am switching from natvie Swift development to hybrid development.

And i have problem with translation, i have in my app.module.ts

  declarations: [
  imports: [
      provide: TranslateLoader,
      useFactory: (http: Http) => new TranslateStaticLoader(http, '/assets/i18n', '.json'),
      deps: [Http]
  bootstrap: [IonicApp],
  entryComponents: [
  providers: []

Then i have created folder assets/i18n in src project folder. I created there two files cs.json and en.json.
Which contains

"hello": "Ahojky"


"hello": "Hi"

then in home.html i have this notation

{{ "hello" | translate }}

But hello is not translated. In javascript console is no error, and compilation using ionic is without error too.


gives me “cs” string.


@Pakit @reedrichards Try using assets/i18n as the path instead (remove the slash at the beginning).

Remember that URLs in Cordova Android are like file:///android_asset/assets/i18n/en.json, so if you use an absolute path instead of a relative one it will try to load file:///assets/i18n/en.json, which doesn’t exist and will give you a 404 error.


Fck of course, that was even correct in my Beta 11 project. Thx a lot sir for pointing that!

@Funn3r @Pakit should be the same for your, sorry for my mistake.


No problem! Glad to help :slight_smile:


I changed the path, but i doesn’t help.
I am testing it via “ionic serve”, i hope it doesn’t matter if i am using browser or device.


And @Funn3r when you use a function for the factory (see above…):

useFactory: exportTranslateStaticLoader,


yep, that’s was the issue.

Tnx a lot! :wink: