Need help with Ionic 2


I’m quite new in this stuff, have some knowledge on HTML,CSS,BOOTSTRAP,AJAX etc…

I want to build an app that could be used in a spa care business.

The most important thing at this moment, is to build a shift manager. I’ve tried to find a code that i could rely on, but haven’t succeeded.

Another question is, how can i create a DB and put it on the cloud, lets say of Amazon?


Your question is extremely broad. Instead of trying to find code maybe write the code ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ionic 2 has really good documentation and there are plenty of sites showing how to get up and running with an app.

Otherwise if you are spared for time you could post on the jobs section ( and get a developer to write it up for you. ( ping me if you are interested :wink: )

With regards to your last question. I cant say much for AWS but i have found that firebase ( plays well with ionic and ionic currently has a cloud based solution ( in beta which looks really promising.