Need help showing data!

I’m developing simple app but can’t seem to get data to a certain page. The “Releases” page shows data from my database correctly but the when a item is clicked on it shows no data. Basically, how do i show data for each item on both pages?

  • Read the data from firebase
  • iterate and show the data in a lista
  • create a function that will direct you to another page
  • clicking on a list item you call that function and pass that item as a parameter to the function
  • in the function call the navcontroll.push(OtherPage, MyParameterItem);
  • In the other page use NavParams to get the data from the push method
  • Save the data in a variable and display it anywhere

And some firebase tips:

  • Probably you’re using set to save new itens, use push so it giver you a random id intead of 1, 2, 3…
  • Use Momentjs for dates and save dates like a unix or numer, it’s easier for you to manipulate this later and query it.