Need help on Opinion of popup

Hi guys, I need opinions on best way to create popup upon clicking on any part of the body. For example, if I click on the head, it will show afew option such as Trunk, Nose, Teeth. Then Upon clicking on the selection it will push to another detail page.

Appericate for all kinds of helps.


What’s wrong with the PopoverController?

I wanted to have the popup on my position of the image is it possible?

How do I pass param with popovercontroller? Thankyou.

You need to pass the $event variable to the PopoverController.
This is described here under “Usage”

In ionic, of the “Popover Options” what is the meaning of showBackdrop & enableBackdropDismiss?

The backdrop is everything around the popup.
When enabled, it will show a bit darker, so the focus is on the popup itself.

thankyou. how about I am trying out the dismiss method. However is it not working (I guess I do not know where to use). Because right now the pop up appear so i click it push me to another page. So when I click back it pop out the page to me previous page with still the pop up appear.