Need help for my first android app


Greetings every1.I am about to publish my first android app but the main problem is finding the keystore file…Can some please advise?

I’ve been googling and youtubing for hours with no success.

Thnx in advance.


Did you follow Ionic publishing instructions?
The key generated will be on your current directory after executing the ‘keytool’ step.

Have you tried searching inside ‘platforms/android/build/outputs/apk’?


Thank you for your reply…yes i’ve followed…the only issue is i cant find the keystore file on my pc… since i’e build the app using the ionic creator,i haven’t used android studio…


Can you show me how you generated the keystore file?

Try reopening the cmd prompt and type ‘dir’ to show the files, check if its there. (If you are using Linux, open the terminal and type ‘ls | grep keystore’)
This is just to check if you didn’t change the folder before executing the keytool command.


I’ve followed iinstructions from this video

yes There’s keystore on it :slight_smile:

how can i locate it from this plz?


There you go buddy.

It’s probably in C:/Users/Windows/

To move it from there to Desktop just type: move “keyname.keystore” Desktop
or open it on explorer to move it the usual way.


Thank you very much…Too bad am very very far away
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Thank you man! Glad we solved your problem.

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Thanks lots.