Need help for ionic 3 on linux

hello everybody !
im a french dev beginner on ionic.
im on linux Ubuntu 18.04.
I had ionic 5 but if I couldn’t find a full course I decided to switch to ionic 3.
i install ionic 3, no problem.
and when i want to create a project with

ionic start test blank

the terminal reply a lot of error i put the paste here :
hopely u can give me help

“Ionic” isn’t a monolithic thing. The CLI that you interact with to build apps and the framework that you include in your apps have completely different version tracks. You are very unlikely to have had framework v5, because it’s barely in beta. You are likely to have had CLI v5, and that is a good thing.

I think you switched to CLI v3, and that is a bad idea. Undo whatever you did, go straight to here and install nvm before you do anything else, then follow the current app starting instructions.