Need basics answers about Ionic notification (local & for other users)

Hi every body

Soon I will work on notifications and I want to know few things about the basics of ionic notifications

First: Let me assume that I want to make a notif. that alert me at 7:00 PM. So my questions are:

  • How the application will show the notif. when my app closed. Is that happens because the app works in background or there is some thing like chacking functions ?

  • let me assume I decide to change the time to 7:30. So is there some think like key for the notification that used to edit the old notif. ?

Second: of course my app works with firebase, so any changes in the data that will changes the data from all device.

  • So, let assume I changed the time of notif. to 7:30 with other phone, then is the old notif. of the old phone will be changed ?

  • let me assume I want to send notif to spacific users, so how the system of notif will be works. Is the system work on IDs of users, or how the app check the external notif. And know this is a public notif. Or private ?

I have a lot of confusing things about ionic notif but let me know the most important answers of these questions, then I think I will be fine for the other cases

Have a look at this article:

It also describes the difference between local and push notifications. For your second part, you will need push notifications.