Need advise to build an app

i need to build a app. However, i am not sure ionic framework can do the work that i want.
It will be prefect if every function i need can be make, but i need some advise am i going to a right way.

First i need to build a walkieTalkie function on the app that can communicate between phone and a bluetooth devices such as speaker and mic.
i find below plugin will help me to do the job (media and ble)

  1. My question is can i do a real time walkie talkie function(NO DELAY) with the plugin above?
  2. If no. Is there any plugin or resource i can get an idea how to make it real time?

Also, i want to try Bluetooth 5.0 that few devices connect to each other
3)is it possible with BLE plugin above that can make few i-phone & android’s phone communicate?

Lastly, i need to build some simple game with ionic. I know this is not the best framework. Unity is better.
4)Is there any resource i can learn how to build some simple game? is there any plugin will help build game?

Sorry for my long question and my english, if there is anything is not clear please let me know.
I find out this community is very helpful. Thanks all.