Nearme 6.0.0 is here with full Ionic 5 / Angular 9 support!

Hello guys!

I just published a new version of Nearme, one of the most downloaded templates on the Ionic Marketplace and used by thousands of devs!

Multiple improvements were included, among which are:

:white_check_mark: Support for Ionic 5 and Angular 9 :tada::confetti_ball:

:white_check_mark: New Location Picker component

:white_check_mark: OneSignal support

:white_check_mark: Support for Google Sign In

:white_check_mark: New components to filter and sort places by Rating, Distance and categories

:white_check_mark: New Help section with dynamic pages, contact information and social links

:white_check_mark: New Starter Guide manageable from the web panel

If you’re looking to save time in the development of your projects or learn techniques and good practices, this is definitely the template you were looking for.

Use the code 6uthzo4 and download it now with 20% OFF :+1:

Download link: