Nearby Connections API

I’m struggling to find where to find out how to write an Ionic Native plugin.

Searching google for ‘how to write an ionic native plugin’ literally results in many people using prebuilt native plugins in their apps (and indeed the first and only answer that this forum suggests as an answer to my question is someone that doesn’t understand Ionic native).

Basically, I (will) have some Java code, that I want to be accessible via Ionic Native to include in my shiny new app - in particular, the latest Nearby Connections API ( I don’t care about iOS. Looking at the Bluetooth Serial natiev project I do see a plugin.xml which references the .java files. Is there any guidance to creating this config file, and is there any more mapping that is required, and how should I be packaging that config file for Ionic Native to understand.


There are two pieces involved here: the first is a Cordova plugin, and then the ionic-native shim. Before you start worrying about any of this, though, I would investigate this.

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Thanks - the first link is what I am after. The Android API is fantastic, so I really want to build something around that. That other link is for iOS, which could be useful too, but just targetting the lower hanging fruit first.

Did you ever get your plugin developed?