Navigation stack

Sorry for my English, but i have a issue.

I have an application that has a people register, a view for name and another view for age, the user registers and after the response of the post, I hedge the root page as the listing of the people registered. There’s a way I can navigate my app after that and access that listing page again, except that I have a question regarding my return button on my ion-header. When I enter the listing view after registration, the back button has to point to the first record view, which is the name view, if I enter the register view coming from another view within the app, my button to return has to point to the view that is in the stack.
When I close my list page as setRoot and try to return, the error is: Navigation stack needs at least one root page

Your english is good, no worries :wink:

Could you display a bit of code?
Or is your project open source and on Github?

Did you set the root page in app.component.ts?
Do you use navController.push, .pop, .setRoot, etc. and how?

Do you use tabs?