Navigation randomly shuffles pages back and forth

I updated to latest ionic today and noticed some strange behaviour when I navigate to a new page (though it may have nothing to do with the update). When I navigate forward from “Page_A” to “Page_B” the view will shuffle back and forth between “Page_A” and “Page_B”. For instance if the user clicks on a link in Page_A the view will slide in Page_B, then immediately slide back Page_A, then immediately slide back in Page_B. If I click the back button the page will show Page_A, and slide back to Page_B (sometimes it will stop there, or sometimes it will slide back in Page_A). This shuffling happens randomly and sometimes lands on the correct page or sometimes lands on the page where the navigation began.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions?

This is a Cordova app being ran in Ionic View.
Cordova CLI: 5.1.1
Ionic CLI Version: 1.7.7
Ionic App Lib Version 0.6.3

Also, this does not happen when running in a browser on my dev box…only on the mobiledevice.

Thank you!

Is this the IOS 9 issue? There are lots of threads about the patch and how to apply it. I found state changes quite unpredictable before adding it.

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That was it, thank you!