Navigation on tab app to same detail view

Hey guys,

I am new to ionic and angular. I think i’m learning pretty fast but I am not sure how to continue. I have two tabs that list events (think of it, one tab is top events, another is all events). Now, I want to be able to show the same event details view upon tapping one of the events on either of the tabs.

  .state('tab.event-detail', {
    url: '/event/:eventId',
    views: {
      'tab-allevents': {
        templateUrl: 'templates/event-detail.html',
        controller: 'EventDetailCtrl'

This navigation works when im on the “allevents” tab, but not for the “topevents” tab. I tried adding a ‘tab-topevents’ on the state views, but it doesn’t work (plus, i really don’t understand how this works either). Can anyone help me out?

I resolved my own question using a slightly different approach. I ended up creating the event details as a totally different state, not as a child of tab state. On my project I needed to hide the tab bar as well, so this makes a lot of sense.