Navigation do what now?

I posted part of this as a comment to another thread, but the more I think about it, the more I think I have a separate problem.

I am converting a native WinPhone 8 app over to Ionic/Angular.

The specs call for a “global” (always accessible) navigation menu which pops out from the left side via a hamburger button. Got that part working, mostly.

The rest of the navigation in the main content area is “circular” - by which I mean - you start out on Contacts, then you swipe left to get to To Do List, then you swipe left again to get to Camera, then you swipe left again and you’re back around at Contacts. Swiping right does effectively the same thing.

So I have two issues:

1 - How do I make the left-side menu ONLY appear when you press the hamburger and NOT on swipe right?

2 - how do I implement the circular navigation via swipe I describe above?


sidemenu: drag-content=“false”, then only the button works…

<ion-pane ion-side-menu-content  drag-content="false" ng-controller="MenuController">

for the circular-“effect”… maybe an idea of my “list-problem” Two Lists side by side

you can swipe left and right between ion-contents with fixed width(screen-width?) for each, but it loads all in once… yet…

Adding drag-content=“false” has no effect.

Only difference I can see is that I’m using instead of

Also, my menuController is referenced on the outermost div inside the

Your list problem may have offered useful insight on the other thing, tho. Thanks.