Navigation button styles based on platform

The styles for the back button on the navigation toolbar is different when using Android and IOS. The following picture shows two examples.


Is it possible to have one consistent style over both platforms?

Yes, it is possible using config, but it is not recommended as this is done on purpose to adhere to the style guidelines of each platform.

Thanks @pwespi good point about the guidelines!

Hi Jar,

Here’s some reading material regarding this:

Platform Aware User Interfaces
Angular Material Design Across All Platforms

I would say that overriding the base platform with a particular platform is definitely not advised, but it is therefore still a choice that can be made when making particular design choices.

Thanks for the reply - my concern was in producing help pages with screen shots - given that the app looks slightly different on each app I think the best solution is to have screen shots for both platforms and display the correct image based on the platform being used.

Sounds like a good idea! :slight_smile: