Navigating inside a popover


I’d like to have an opinion on the proper way to navigate in the same popover with Ionic 4 (beta 15).
The example is filtering options.
I click on a funnel and have a list of items displayed in a popover : the filtering categories(year, color etc…)
Each item should have a sublist associated.

I’d like to be able to click on a filtering category, and have all the option displayed in the same popover as an other list of items.
Does that mean that each sublist HAVE to be another component ? Or is there an other way to do this ?
I’m just concerned about having to many small components, let’s say I have 8 filtering categories and list of options associated, that would mean I have 8 components to create ?

I also considered putting the options in an accordion, but it feels like the UX is not the same.

What would you do ?


Up! Anyone on this ?
By the way I’m trying to use NavController.navigateForward inside the popover to display the categories options, but the whole view is updated, not the popover…
How can I do this ?


To be perfectly clear on what i’m trying to achieve, this is exactly what is done with Plex media server webclient

Any idea on how to achieve that with ionic ? Thanks