Navigate straight to element of the list

Hi guys,

I’ve been going around an issue i’ve been working on, probably more of a angularjs question then an ionic.

I have a view that will show a list of deals and a deals detail view to see each specific deal. My question is, if I have only one deal I don’t want to show the list but go straight to the deal detail view.

I’ve specified both views in my state provider (deal and deal.detail). On the deal controller I check the data and decide if to show the list view or the detail list but If I only want to show the detail view it loads first the list and then goes straight to the detail view (I’m using $state.go)

Where should this be defined ? When I’m defining my states ? Or in the config module of the Deals ?

I’ll be posting a codepen soon with my issue

So I think I found a way to do this with state resolve

But now I’m having a different issue. I’ve followed the tutorial but can’t seem to make it work. I get a unknown provider on state change

$stateChangeError event, toState, toParams, fromState, fromParams, error =>  
 Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: eProvider <- e$injector/unpr?p0=eProvider%20%3C-%20e

My config module:

views[viewName] = {
		templateUrl: '/at/core/features/' + featureName + '/' + capitalizedFeatureName + '.html',
		controller: capitalizedFeatureName.concat('Ctrl')

	var stateName = 'tab.'.concat(featureName);
	var stateDefinition = {
		cache: cacheContent,
		url: '/'.concat(featureName),
        resolve: {
            item: function(featureData){
                    return featureData.getItem();
		views: views

My FeatureData Service:

'use strict';

    .module('featureData', [])
    .service('featureData', featureData);

featureData.$inject = ['$q','atContent'];

function featureData($q,atContent) {
    return {
        getItem : getItem
    function getItem(){
        var dfd = $q.defer()

        return dfd.promise;

What am I missing ?