Navigate in other tab

I use ionic v4 and angular 8.

I try to navigate in tab 2 while I am in tab1. How do I get to the tabs in a service, for example?

I would like to reset tab 2 in the navigation when a user logs out.
Can somebody help me here?

Share what you tried, how people can give answer?

I tried to give a reference of the tabs into a service and there i tried to use “this.tabs.outlet.pop(1, ‘tab2’)”

But I think this is nonsense and therefore I didnt post it. In Ionic v3 it was so easy to do this. But I dont know how to do this in ionic 4.

But I think it is clear what I want, isnt it? If I am in tab1, I want to clear the navigation in tab2. E.g. if I click a button in tab1, the navigation in tab2 goes to the root page, but it shouldnt be visible for the user. It should happen in the background. But if he goes to tab2, he is in the root page of tab2.