Navegating other page when apiRTC events fired in Ionic 3

I working on ApiRTC & Ionic 3 application and face the following problem.
I referred this ApiRTC-Ionic , which is a single page app.
But I want to navigate between pages when receiving various signals.
For instance, I am on Messages Page, and let’s say I received a incoming call.
At that time, I want to go to the chatReceivePage.
My codes are implemented as follows.

Messages Page

declare var apiRTC;
export class MessagesPage {
  user_data = {};
  conversations = [];

        public navCtrl: NavController, 
        public navParams: NavParams, 
        public modalCtrl: ModalController,
        public events: Events,
        public apirtcProvider: ApiRtcProvider) {
      events.subscribe('getUserData_callback', (data) => {
          this.conversations = apirtcProvider.conversations;

      apiRTC.addEventListener("receiveData" , this.receiveDataHandler);
      apiRTC.addEventListener("incomingCall", this.apirtcProvider.incomingCallHandler);
      apiRTC.addEventListener("userMediaError", this.apirtcProvider.userMediaErrorHandler);
      apiRTC.addEventListener("remoteStreamAdded", this.apirtcProvider.remoteStreamAddedHandler);
      apiRTC.addEventListener("userMediaSuccess", this.apirtcProvider.userMediaSuccessHandler);
      apiRTC.addEventListener("hangup", this.apirtcProvider.hangupHandler);


apiRTC provider

declare var iosrtc;
declare var apiRTC;
declare var apiCC;    
export class ApiRtcProvider {
	url = "root_url";
	user_main = {}; user_data = {}; conversations = []; friends = []; 
	conversation_offset: number = 0;
	iosrtc: any;
	apiRTC : any;
	apiCC: any;
	constructor(public http: Http,
				private event: Events,  
				public platform: Platform
		    onReady: this.sessionReadyHandler,
		    apiKey: "APIKEY",
		    apiCCId : my apiCCID
		console.log("SessionReadyHandler", "api-rtc.ts");
		apiRTC = apiRTC;
		apiRTC.addEventListener("receiveData" , this.receiveDataHandler);
		apiRTC.addEventListener("incomingCall", this.incomingCallHandler);
		apiRTC.addEventListener("userMediaError", this.userMediaErrorHandler);
		apiRTC.addEventListener("remoteStreamAdded", this.remoteStreamAddedHandler);
		apiRTC.addEventListener("userMediaSuccess", this.userMediaSuccessHandler);
		apiRTC.addEventListener("hangup", this.hangupHandler);
		apiCC = apiCC;
		webRTCClient = this.apiCC.session.createWebRTCClient({});
    incomingCallHandler(e) {
        this.event.publish('gotoIncomingPage', data);
        //Or we can do other things to navigate another pages    
        //I can't use any data of Ionic at this moment:(

Main problem is that Ionic handler(or data) is not recognized in the apiRTC event handler though it’s defined in a Ionic provider or elsewhere.
How can I navigate other pages when apiRTC events has been fired?
Any help will be appreciate.
Thank you.

i have same problem when i initiate the apiRTC.init on ios the app get frozen