Navcontroller Animation paramters for easing and direction undocumented?

I have this:

{animation: 'ios-transition',animate:true,duration:500,easing:'ease-in-out',direction:'left'}

But what values can easing and direction take? It is undocumented. Ionic Team please clarify.

Hi, in wich file you get this ? Its’ about ios-transition ?

Right now, we’re not really planning on documenting this part just yet. At least not until 2.0 final gets out. You really shouldn’t be messing with custom page animations too much just yet.

You must have your reasons then. But maybe you could leak a few of the existing animation options? Is there an approx. ETA on RC1 yet?

I cannot leak anything sadly :no_mouth:

Now that Ionic 2 is out, can you clarify this? Are there any other options available for direction other than “forward” and “back”?


Where can I find information about these parameters in 2018??

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