Navbar button disappearing from left when button added to right side

I’ve been trying to figure out the exact situation, but the left navbar button position is sometimes not rendered. When using a ionNavView and ionNavBar, like you see in the codepen below, I have to redeclare the left navbar buttons again, but the right navbar button remains. I am not using a back button here, but I wonder if that is having the effect of removing the buttons in the left navbar button position? Is this a bug, or just the way it is?

Do you mean when you navigate the item view?

If so, this is by default.
Check the enable-menu-with-back-view attribute.

Also, note that your markup for the side-menu-content used an older syntax that is no longer supported.
So its not <ion-pane ion-side-menu-content> but <ion-side-menu-content>

Thanks Mike, I forked an old pen from beta1, so I missed updating that. So that makes sense I suppose, I missed that newer attribute. It was confusing that I didn’t have a back button, but it was still hiding the menuToggle button. So not a bug, just a quirky use case. Perhaps that behavior should only happen when the back button is also in use, otherwise I was scratching my head looking through all of the ionNav docs.

Well the intended purpose of this is that when the user navigates to a page that is not from the side-menu, we want them to be able to…swipe…to…go…back ( :grin: in the works ATM)

Plus this is design patter than is seen in ios and adroid sdk’s

Ah but the situation can occur where the page is in the side menu, but it is also linked directly from another view. I’ve updated my pen to approximate my situation a little better, but this does solve the problem. The default is probably the most logical one, except in my case I don’t ever plan to ‘go back’, so that attribute should handle that for me.

I used the same tag @mhartington but still some time the menu button only disappearing some times that too in the home page of the app.