Nav-title not updating after $state.go()

I have a complex app and a lot of $state.go() navigation. But at the same time it relies on the navbar for back nav. When going forward to new views, the title always updates. When returning to a previously visited view, the title sometimes does not update. It stays the same until a previously unvisited view is called.

We have more than 80 routes defined, so things get complicated and history was just not able to keep up, adding to the fact that it get a bit expensive on the memory side.

I did everything I can to disable caching - cache:false in routes, cacheMaxViews is zero, et cetera. I also tried moving the title from the ion-view tag to ion-nav-title, replaced {{‘Nav Title’ | translate }} with static text to rule out filters or bindings but no luck.

Even setting the title on a controller scope level doesn’t update, tried using beforeEnter and enter events.

Any suggestions what I could try? Is there a way to force the navbar to be redrawn?