nav.setRoot not working after dismissing a Modal Page beta.9


I have a modal page that is a simple form. When the user presses “Save” the save method is called and after saving I am dismissing the Modal Page and setting the root page so that the user is redirected to this the specific page. Everything was working in beta 8 and today I updated to beta.9 and when the setRoot is triggered I can see that the 's inside are not correct, in fact the rootPage is duplicated (since it was in the stack of pages) and the z-index is 9999… The problem here is that after this happens no other page is shown because of the z-index of 9999 of the duplicated page.

The code I’m using is simple (if it is a problem here please let me know):

    //do some stuff here to save here
        this.nav.setRoot(PAGE, {});

I also tried doing it like this:

    //do some stuff to save here
    this.nav.setRoot(PAGE, {});

This is an image of Chrome Inspector showing the duplicated ion-page and the z-index problem.


In your saveMethod() you don’t need to navigate. Since you are launching a modal from a page after the modal is dismissed it will automatically navigate to the page that launched the modal.

Thank you for the quick response. The thing is that I do not want to navigate to the Page that launched the Modal.

I think the correct way of doing it is using the onDismiss property and doing the setRoot from the page that launched the Modal