Native Toast issue on Windows UWP

I use the native toast plugin in my application, and I have just noticed it does seem to align correctly when running as a Windows 10 UWP. For example, I have a toast that normally displays in the centre of the screen, but non UWP, it also displays in the bottom right hand corner (of the device screen, regardless of where the app windows is)

Has anyone else experienced this, or found a work around (other than using the Ionic toast if running on UWP, which is what I am going to do in the interim)?

Thanks in advance!

Windows support for this plugin seems to be quite new (newest version only, and e.g. missing from the main README at Probably worth looking through the issues at and create a new one for your specific issue if it is reproducible.

Yes I did find a couple similar there with Windows, and added a comment about my experience. Meanwhile for windows have added an “if” and I am just using the Ionic toast.

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As a Windows user myself I don’t even know how a “native” toast in Window would look like - I think this actually doesn’t really exist. So the Ionic version should be just fine.

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