Native scrolling flicker


I have created a very basic html page with no data binding and no controller with ionic framework running inside

When the overflow-scroll="true" property is set on the <content> element to enable native scrolling the page flickers just after loading completes. I can’t seem to reproduce this on the desktop version of Safari. Has anyone else seen this?


Hey Greg,

I haven’t seen that exactly, but if you had more code I could take a look to see why it might be happening.

Hey Max,

I have just copied the starter framework into a application and set overflow-scroll="true" on the app.html and pet.html page. It is not related to as it occurs when loading the site in mobile safari too.


Also would anyone know how to prevent the user being able to drag the list to the left and right (which just shows whitespace) with the default scrolling mode it is only possible to scroll up and down.



Is it dragging the whole list? That seems like an issue with the web view implementation, or a config with