Native Scrolling: Android Testers Wanted


When I apply $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false), I cannot scroll at all. Has anyone aleady met this issue? How to overcome it?


  • Android 4.4.2
  • I use $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false) in config() in Angular
  • I use the latest nighlty build: v1.0.0-rc.2-nightly-1177
  • I want to use it for horizontal scroll in <ion-content>


I am using version v1.0.0-rc.2 with

$ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false) for Android.

The scrolling performance is very smooth but I am seeing two issues:

  1. Just before the state transition from one view to other, the prev view scrolls to top.
  2. Tap performance and state transition from one view to other seems to be slower after moving to rc2.

Any suggestions on above issues would be appreciated.


I am having a problem on rc.2 with remembering the scroll position, if I am using the ion-infinite-scroll directive.

I have a list and when you tap on an item, you get more info about the item, on another view. While ion-infinite-scroll works and I get the next page, for some reason it doesn’t remember the scroll position, when I go back. This happens even if I haven’t scrolled enough to trigger the infinite scroll

Also, just by removing the ion-infinite-scroll directive and not changing anything else, it remembers the scroll position.

Anyone else faces this problem?


@zinas : I guess its the same issue as mentioned by @jsdev2000 in his point # 1. If so, you are not alone.


@Purusothaman, I am not sure if they are same issues. My issue is not remembering scroll position when I go back to page but my issue is visible scrolling of prev page to the top before transition to next page.


I guess its the same. For you its scrolling to the top as it could not remember the position. I might be wrong too.


This is almost there for me. All that I need is to remember the scroll position when the user go back.

I noticed that when I leave the state it scroll up before navigate to the new view.


Tried this on 1.0.0-rc.2:

Massive improvement over JS scrolling on my Galaxy S6.
Remembers the location of where it was.

Question: What will happen on an earlier Android Version (e.g. 3) - will it revert to JSScrolling or do I have to change the IF statement to only enable it on Androids over 4.1+?


There is an issue with the collection-repeat when we have list of DIV having image has a background. Image has different sizes.

@brandyshea Please help me to explain better if I have missed anything here. You have seen the issue.

If required, I can share the full project (simple one).


It’s not working for me (android 4.2.1)

  • infinite scroll with collection repeat is not sliding
  • normal content scroll with card with scroll) is sliding to heaven:)


Android 4.4.2, Galaxy S4:

  • infinite scroll with collection repeat is not sliding

On this collection-repeat page I have:

  • background
  • pull to refresh
  • header and subheader with styles

If I delete collection-repeat and use:


                <a class="item" ng-repeat="o in objects" href="#/app/pathogen/{{}}">
                   Item {{ o }}

Work ok, but not smoothly.


What about scroll to top when focus input? any advices ?
And ohter issues:

  1. Sometimes scroll stop working, after open selec iput or date, but not always.
  2. When keyboard appears scroll not working.


I’m back! Sorry for going quiet for a while there, I was on vacation.

There was a problem with the refresher on kitkat. It would cause the refresher to only work 1 out of 3 or so times or sometimes not at all. This should be fixed now.

Collection-repeat is still not implemented, but I plan to work on it next week. We’re focusing on closing issues this week.

I’ll investigate the remembering of scroll positions as well. Has anyone determined how to reproduce it forgetting the scroll position? Is it only certain devices? versions of ionic?


Welcome back Perry! Thanks for the update.


If JavaScript is currently used for scrolling, will the code still be left in order to support older version of Android?


Yeah, v1 of Ionic will always support JS scrolling, and it will be the default for a while yet. Currently, iOS in Cordova still doesn’t have completely native scroll events, so until that’s fixed it will be a necessity.


Hi @perry glad you’re back.

In my use case, when I change the state, the scroll is set to 0 (top) before the entry of the new view.

So, actually it’s being remembered, but looks like its being wrongly set to top immediately before the transition to the next view, here is a codepen


  1. Scroll I little.
  2. Next is the problem, take attention to the scroll position while the transition occurs
  3. Tap/Click in any lego character
  4. Hit the back button

Autoscrolling of ion-view doesn't work on state change when overflow-scroll is true(native scrolling)

I tried this in my app and it improved the performance when I scroll. But when the keyboard show up , the scroll was disabled somehow. And there was no error message.


Hi Perry
i changed my scrolling to this part and yeah its really gives a very good experience of native scrolling, But there is an issue which i would like to report if someone has used $ionicPopup, i customised the popups but now after this change for a milisecond the popup view comes with title and buttons and no view, and just after it the view with content comes?
can you help me with this


Hi Perry,

I’am missing my Scrollbars, ist this only happening for me?