Native Scrolling: Android Testers Wanted


My tabs project can’t scroll anything with this… 1.0.0-RC.1 2015/03/16
should I do something else in addition to add ‘jsScrolling(false)’?

well, my decice is MOTO X 2nd, Android 5.0


This thread is getting big, so sorry if my question is answered earlier.

I am still having problems with native scrolling on Android. It doesn’t work at all. I think the problem is related with the keyboard plugin. The page that doesn’t scroll is a search results page, which you first need to type a search term.

Is this being worked or is this not marked as a bug?


Found a pitfall I thought I would highlight in case people fall foul of it and think it’s a bug.

I have a view that uses a number of slide boxes to provide the user with a swipeable selection screen: (apologies for the potato styling - I’m trying to get all the functionality in place before I spend any more time making it look pretty)

The user can swipe each slide box to configure a “beacon” and then click “Go” to save it.

When native scroll is on, I was getting this:

Each slidebox is positioned so it’s one entire screen height away from the next.

The reason is that my own custom style sheet was setting .slide height to 100%. This was not a problem before native scroll was turned on so there must be some other underlying change I’m not seeing.

Anyway, be aware that there may be implications to the way your views lay out but it’s likely just a little styling update to fix it.

Native scrolling is, for me at least, a lot more smooth.

Pull to Refresh remains very clunky though.

… I also found a potential bug. My login screen would previously ensure that it scrolled to show both the username and password field when one of them was given focus. With native scroll in place, this doesn’t happen and I have to manually close the keyboard and change focus between fields. I then have to close the keyboard again to reach the login button.


I have downloaded 1.0.0-rc.2, this option works now: if(ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false);
Scrolling performance is much better. Hundreds of items in list are flying.

Except collection-repeat which dos not work with this option, but regular list is now fast enough to replace collection.


hey @perry any news?
im trying to use overflow-scroll=“true” combined with collection-repeat in my app.
the list is intended to scroll vertically, this is not working.
instead, i can scroll horizontally(not something that i want) and this is also limited to the first 4 items.
any e.t.a to share?
any temporary sulotion?


Tried with 1.0.0-rc.2, very smooth on Android. But it doesn’t remember previous position after switching back from another view. Does it suppose to work?


Same issue I have. Can’t scroll when the keyboard is visible.


Did you also try it with the keyboard plugin?


I tried debugging a bit, and digged into ionic.bundle.js.

Around line 3700 there is an event, preventing scroll on touch move:
if (window.navigator.msPointerEnabled) {
document.addEventListener(“MSPointerMove”, keyboardPreventDefault, false);
} else {
document.addEventListener(‘touchmove’, keyboardPreventDefault, false);

This is event listener is supposed to be removed later, when the keyboard closes, but for me it doesnt. Commenting out the previous lines fixes my problem (but not sure if they introduce another problem)


fancyer86, RC2 has a few big fixes in it for that. Does it help?


zinas, it is. thanks


@slashwhatever, the images look the same to me. Am i missing something?


If the view is cached, yeah


@zinas, are you on a windows phone then?


Hi @perry

It was my code after all that was breaking it. I had created a directive called “focus-me” to trigger a focus event on the element. In the directive, I did both element.focus() and For some reason which I couldn’t figure out the events where trigger in the wrong order, leaving the scroll disabled when the keyboard closed.

With some refactoring of my code, I solved it.

I am on Android phone


Have the same issue (using crosswalk on LG G3 lollipop, 1.0.0-rc.2), however it seems to work fine the very first time i run the app.

Subsequent times (either via running “android run” or just opening app) it does not remember its scroll position. Removing the app from the phone and running again resolves, but as mentioned, only once.


Oops - posted the same link. Have updated post above. Thanks :smile:


yes! it works perfect!

but…seems it effects the keyboard plugin, views don’t scroll to the focus input with native scroll, but work when use jsScroll, is it a bug or something configurable?

sorry for my poor english.


I have the same problem. When I am using overflow-scroll=“true” and direction=“y” in ion-content collection-repeat doesn’t work (1.0.0-rc.2-nightly-1177 (changes since v1.0.0-rc.2) (2015-04-01))


Yes, this. It’s a non-starter for me unless this works.