Native Scrolling: Android Testers Wanted


Yes yes, we have the same issue :wink:


@stivekx, I’ll be spending the remainder of this week working on implementing scroll delegate in native scrolling


@Mik378, we’re adding native scrolling support component by component. Collection-repeat has not been added yet, it should be soon.


@perry Ok good to know :wink: I thought it was included in the RC version.

I will wait.

Thanks for the job.


Hi perry,

Is there any workaround to use the old overflow-scroll=“true” for iOS? The new scrolling solution completely breaks the app on iOS with (no vertical scrolling anymore) and without overflow-scroll=“true” (weird “drag” issues when combined with a slidebox and a long list). The performance is worse too - compared to the previous solution.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that you guys are trying to improve the performance on scrolling in general and particularly for Android now, it’s just a little bit frustrating when the iOS side does not work anymore.




Hey Valentin, I have the scroll delegate finishing up right now, and then I’ll be working on making sure iOS works at least as well as it did. With Cordova 4.0 supporting WKWebView, we’ll need to add full iOS native scrolling support sooner than I expected.

Things can change on a dime, but right now my plan is to: finish scroll delegate, fix iOS overflow-scroll, a few minor bugs particularly those mentioned on this thread, collection-repeat, list reordering, then tidy up any remaining bugs, particularly with the keyboard and input fields. At that point, I’ll probably go over all the individual components again to make sure they work properly on iOS 8 with native scrolling in WKWebView.


I’ using ionic 1.0.0-rc.0-nightly-1127 and i’m trying to use native scroll in android so i put these instructions like you said:


I have a view for a list:

 <ion-view title="{{}}" >  
  <ion-content scroll="true" class="diary_content" has-header="true" has-footer="true">    
    <div class="item {{ message.received }} message" ng-repeat="message in user.friends[idxFriend].messages" message-repeat-directive>

message repeat directive is defined

.directive('messageRepeatDirective', function($ionicScrollDelegate) {
  return function(scope, element, attrs) {
    if (scope.$last){

In the browser that isn’t android it works. But when i try it in my phone (Android 4.4.2) the scroll with touch is blocked and the command scrollBottom of directive doesn’t work.

How can i do?



I can’t speak about colletion-repeat or I only use ng-repeat and have experienced the same: no scrolling at all with the nightly 1141.

I was able to reproduce it by starting a new app with the complex-list template.

I updated ionic to 1.0.0-rc.0-nightly-1141

I added more items to the chats service to create more content and tested with the jsScroll: worked fine

Adding overflow-scroll=“true” to the ion-content on the tab-chats.html file caused the issue and scroll stopped working.

Same thing happened without overflow-scroll=“true” but with $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false), since it does practically the same thing

hope it helps


Hi perry,
thanks for the quick response. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to it!


Those who aren’t able to scroll at all, are you using side menus?


@romaluca, scrollBottom is fixed in my WIP Branch, but I need to test it more. I’m working on fixing what’s eating scrolls entirely. Out of curiosity, are you using side menus?


@perry both apps (with no scroll possible) had side menus. going to test it without side menus and report back

edit: sorry, actually, one app had side menus and the other didn’t


@perry Yes i’m using side menus


@perry Also yes, I am indeed using side menus


I’m not using side menus.


@perry Hi, I’m just trying this solution and it worked fine. on sidemenu and tabs.

did anyone has been try this ?


Yeah, that does fix it, but creates new bugs in apps that use custom gestures. I will be working on a proper fix tomorrow.


@perry hi Perry, thanks for the fast response and your explaination.
we’re looking forward for it… thanks for the good work!


Hey, just wanted to say I tested it on my Nexus 5, and the performance gain is amazing ! Can’t wait for it to be added to a stable release. Thanks @perry and Ionic, and good luck !


OT: I’ve just upgraded my Sony Z3 to Lollipop and the javascript scrolling with collection-repeat is super fast! (2/3 times faster).