Native Scrolling: Android Testers Wanted


@perry here’s a sample app exposing the issue


hai perry, am newbie to ionic !

i write above code to my app its give folwing error

" Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module starter due to:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘jsScrolling’ of undefined "


@itsboobalan that’s because you probably use Ionic Beta 14 and not the nightly



My app’ homepage displays a top search box followed by 3 tables (I know it’s not recommended for mobile but for our business we need tables).

Currently, each table has 5 rows (ng-repeat). The homepage’ height is ~1.5x my device screen’ height (so we’ve to scroll to discover the last items). Despite the very small amount of items, the scroll is very very very laggy on Android’ devices. iOS is just buttery smooth.

I installed the latest nightly and put the JavaScript but it has disabled scroll. I assume I’m not in the case you’re looking for?


I got the same error after downloading the latest nightly zip and overwrote www with those files.
bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master mystically fixed my problem


@Riron @Jiyuu Thank you soo much for ur reply :slight_smile: :slight_smile: i found and corrected it …


@jiyuu, Could you provide a codepen demonstrating the problem?


Hi @perry! Which problem? The scroll disabled by the nightly? Or the broken app after nightly’ deployment?


Same issue using the 1060 nightly: can’t scroll with native scrolling (when removing JS way as advised).

Moreover, when using collection-repeat, the page is blank.
But I think collection-repeat is not handled yet, as evoked above.


@Jiyuu both if possible


@perry Took me 4 days to narrow down this issue. What you need…

  1. An application that utilizes the tabs paradigm like so
  2. Set ion-content overflow-scroll="true" or do it app wide with $ionicConfigProvider
  3. To launch you app on an ios device

Issue: You can not scroll ion-content on an ios device. As you swipe the content remains frozen and nothing happens.

  1. This can ony be tested on a device b/c the breaking point seems to be cordova.js. If cordova.js is included in the index.html file you can not scroll. But if it is not included or commented out you can scroll.
  2. This can only be tested if ion-content is within an ion-nav-view. If the ion-content is outside the ion-nav-view and just sitting in the body no scrolling issues.
  3. I have tried uninstalling all cordova plugins and that did not work.


Ok, thanks. As noted above, this is not for iOS. Are you seeing it on an Android device?


@perry This bug only occurs when you launch an app onto a device and I only have an iphone so I can not answer that question. I put the bug here b/c this is where you are handling all overflow-scroll issues. Whould you like me to create another topic?


Thanks, a great news.

It works on 4.4.2 but without scroll bar.



Is it possible to email you the www directory? (didn’t have the time to make a codepen)


Using overflow-scroll=true in sidemenu apps is still broken (doesn’t scroll) in nightlies on both iOS and Android even without enabling jsScrolling(false);

I have an app with tabs where overflow-scroll=true works as expected but apps using sidemenu that were working fine in b14 and nightlies < 1000 with views using overflow-scroll=true in specific views are broken.

Is it still possible to use overflow-scroll or is it going to disappear ?

It’s easily reproductible using those steps (copied from an old thread):

Create new app via:

ionic start scrollTest sidemenu

Modify “PlaylistsCtrl” Controller to ensure vertical scrolling:

.controller('PlaylistsCtrl', function($scope) {
$scope.playlists = [
    { title: 'Reggae', id: 1 },
    { title: 'Chill', id: 2 },
    { title: 'Dubstep', id: 3 },
    { title: 'Indie', id: 4 },
    { title: 'Rap', id: 5 },
    { title: 'Cowbell', id: 6 },
    { title: 'Breaks', id: 7 },
    { title: 'Jungle', id: 8 },
    { title: 'Drum & Bass', id: 9 },
    { title: 'Classics', id: 10 },
    { title: 'Blah', id: 11 },
    { title: 'Foo', id: 12 },
    { title: 'Bar', id: 13 },
    { title: 'House', id: 14 },
    { title: 'Trance', id: 15 },
    { title: 'EDM', id: 15 },
    { title: 'Country', id: 16 },
    { title: 'Rock', id: 17 }


Set overflow-scroll to true in playlists.html:

<ion-content class="has-header" overflow-scroll="true">

I will work by default (using the official b14) and stop working when updating to the latest nightly.


Wouldn’t that fail some unit tests before the nightly got published?
Or do the nightlies don’t validate all unit tests?


Can you let us know when this is fixed, i was lucky that i got the other nightly on a previous commit so i could rollback.


+1 Please let us know once fixed, thank you for all the great work.

Hi izifortune,
Would you share the working commit with us?


+1!!! This is going to be huge. It seems that javascript scrolling is decently performant on iOS but not crosswalk/native so I’m not as bothered about iOS being slow on this. @perry I’m antsy to know when I can use this (esp on colllection-repeat). I can’t find a correlated issue on github. I find it a little cumbersome to jump between this forum and github in general…but I’m curious to know if you have a guess as to what milestone this would be released on?