Native Scrolling: Android Testers Wanted


@benjaminbertin, I put your workaround code into a demo app and it worked! Thanks! Here are the before and after versions:

Without workaround code (not working): :disappointed:

With workaround code (working): :smile:


Test 1.0 on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and native scrolling is very cluncky. Sometimes there is no response on scrolling and sometimes the pull to refresh is not triggered or keeps being triggered. I use xwalk, perhaps this has something to do with it?


I just experienced the same with ionic 1.0 release.

=> when clicking on a form’s field, keyboard is hiding it when using native scrolling.

So just can’t use native scrolling on my app currently.


A workaround for those who want to use native scrolling and are using the header-shrink directive:

You need to use $ionicScrollDelegate.$getByHandle('element-delegate-handle-attr-value').getScrollPosition().top instead of relaying on e.detail.scrollTop or because those will become undefined after you turn off js scrolling.

Actually, you can completely depend on $ionicScrollDelegate to get the scrolling position; whether you are using the native or the js scrolling.



Hi There,

scrolling is MUCH faster with native Scrolling.

BUT: The Keyboard always overlaps input fields and I cannot see what I am typing.
I am using: android:windowSoftInputMode=“adjustPan”!


Bugs I’ve found.

Scroll animation is not totally smooth (compared to js scroll)
When I open my keyboard the views don’t adapt to the new size and I’m not able to scroll very well


Can anybody tell me if pull to refresh is supported with native scrolling because it doesnt work for me.


Yes, pull-to-refresh works well with Native Scrolling.


Hello dear community,

I am facing a problem with scrolling iframes on real apple devices (IPhones/IPADs) when scrolling an iframe:


I have been working on this issue for more than 1 week and exhausted all google possibilities. Appreciaite if someone can point me on how to sovle this problem

Please note that the scrolling works on ios simulators and real android devices

Thank you


Try changing <ion-content overflow-scroll="true"> to <ion-content scroll="true" overflow-scroll="true">


nice one very helpful


@perry Cached View Is not supported when Native scrolling is on is it?


@saniyusuf Yes, it’s supported, I could enable native scrolling on my cached views.


Is it @Mik378 because I have a list with native scrolling but asap I get back to the list I have to scroll from the beginning. Did you have to do anything special to get it work.


@saniyusuf Look at my answer in this post: Ionic Beta14: how to clean the Cache for a specific view?

I suspect you refresh the list each time your cache view is reached, that’s why your scroll goes to top.


Hello !
I have some big list here, isn’t is too late to test ?
I’ll use this config anyway, since I’m an Android tester, and tell you about.


Helpme with ngCordova! i’dont connect with database. The error is: n.sqlitePlugin is undefined

I have search many pages, but I do not get fix.

Thank you very much.


I’m not sure what i’m missing. I’ve read native scrolling + refresher is now working but not sure what i need to do. If i enable overflow-scroll=“true” then the refresher stops working. Using the nightly codepen:

This doesn’t work in my browser or on device…


@Mik378 That is not the case for me. I do not reset the array. I have the same code and I simply enabled native scrolling and after this the view cache does not seem to retain scroll position on both IOS & android


Well, if your page does not remember scroll position both in iOS and Android, I think is not something related to native Scrolling, cause, native scrolling for now it’s only for Android and probably you enabled only for Android.

Something else it’s going on there maybe the list is getting refreshed.
How do you load it with your controller?
You call some function on ng-init or in some broadcast?