Native Plugin for TTS has slow output on iOS devices/emulators

When testing text to speech on android using the native plugin the speech rate is normal. When testing on any emulator or my iPad the speech rate is really, really slow. Here is my speech function:


      var options = {"text":text, "locale":"en-US", "rate": 1};

          .then(() => console.log('Success'))
          .catch((reason: any) => {
              alert('Speech is not ready yet! Try again later.');


I have the same problem, any answer?

Having the same issue msyelf; did you ever resolve your issue? I tried using

      text: "My Text",
      locale: 'en-GB'
      rate: 1

Try use 1.5 rate for example:

text: "My Text",
locale: 'en-GB'
rate: 1.5
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You have to use… run iphone … rate: 1.5
this.tts.speak({ text: “test text”, locale: ‘es-ES’, rate: 1.5 })
.then(() => console.log(‘Success’))
.catch((reason: any) => console.log(reason));