Native plugin debug

I’m trying to debug a native plugin.
I have tried to use Logcat in Android Studio with Log.v, System.out, console.log, and webView.loadUrl("javascript:console.log('');") inside the .java plugin files to see if I can log some debugging code. However, I see nothing I want in Logcat.
What should I do to debug native plugins?

Edit: I’m not certain if I have added the code in the correct place. I have commented out some essential code in the plugin and recompiled. The plugin seems to function the same as before. I have tried to edit the plugin code in both node_modules folder and plugins folder. Using ionic 3. If these aren’t the correct place to edit the native plugins, where should I edit them?

Answering my own question here.
Can’t debug native plugin from files inside node_modules and plugins folder.
The correct files to edit are inside: platforms > android > app > src > main > java > com

That’s not 100% correct. You can remove tha Android Platform, then edit the files in the plugins folder and build again, then the changes will be there.

Also if you really want to debug, open the Android Platform Folder in Android Studio and start in debug mode