Native android app integration in ionic app


I have two application one is done in native android and other one is done in ionic framework (v3)

So my task is to integrate the native android app with ionic app.

I need to get help for this ?

Is it possible ? what are the things that we need to do to achieve this ?

How exactly do you have to integrate the two? How do they interact?

User interface should be in ionic app and it will collect the data and pass to the native android app

What does the native app do? Where is its UI accessible?

native app has algorithm(image processing) for picking the data from android camera (this has the UI in ionic )

the ionic app has the UI (which is done in html5 ) for collecting the data using camera and pass this data to the the native app

this thing we need to get the help passing data from ionic to native app

If your native app is only the algorithm, you just have to move it to a custom Cordova plugin that your Ionic Cordova app can use.

You can do image manipulation in JavaScript.


sir i have a project in ionic a cricket team application i which you register yourself as a player and make a team by adding the players and send the request to the teams that are already register and they both set the schedule for the match and play the game at the decided location all these things are work now i want to make a game of cricket that integrate with this app and the teams can play the match with other teams in the game